At least eight people were murdered in Gaza on Sunday after escaping prison. The eight were killed for allegedly helping Israel fight terrorism by providing information on local terrorist groups. The incident was reported by one of Yediot Acharonot's Arab correspondents.

The incident began when Gaza's main prison, located near the village of Sariya, was destroyed in an IAF strike. Several prisoners managed to escape the damaged building, among them many who had been accused of cooperating with Israel or convicted and sentenced to death for “collaboration”.

Upon hearing of the airstrike, terrorists and relatives of terrorists killed by the IDF rushed to the prison and caught several of the escaping inmates. Those caught were immediately killed. One of the victims was identified as Jamal Randour, who was convicted of giving Israel information leading to the assassination of Abed Abu-Yusuf el-Kuku, head of the Salah el-Din brigades.

Fatah issued a statement on Monday holding Hamas responsible for the deaths of Fatah-affiliated prisoners. The group called on Hamas to allow Fatah-affiliated prisoners who escaped to remain free.

Gaza Man Appeals: I'm a Collaborator, Let me Come Back

A 35-year-old Gaza resident has filed an appeal to the High Court asking to be allowed into central Israel. The man claims he gave Israel security-related information, and says terrorist groups are out to kill him.

The man said he is married to an Israeli citizen and has two children who also hold Israeli citizenship. He was caught in central Israel without an entrance permit several months ago and enlisted by the Shin Bet (Israel security services), he told the court.

The man returned to Gaza several months ago. Recently, he says, he discovered that Hamas was trying to kill him and claimed to have evidence proving he helped Israel. Israeli officials scheduled a hearing into his case for late January, but the man argues he could be dead by then, and is asking the High Court to allow him to return to central Israel immediately.