Two Arab repairmen arrived to fix a heater on a sixth-floor apartment in Modiin Illit on Monday morning, and proceeded to stab the occupants of the home. The father is in serious condition, and others were more lightly hurt.

The Arabs then ran down to the street and stabbed two passersby using a sharp instrument, and punched and kicked a third person.

One of the terrorists was shot by a passerby and is listed in moderate-to-serious condition.  The second terrorist has not yet been caught, and residents have been ordered to remain indoors until he is apprehended.

The hareidi-religious city of Modiin Illit, formerly known as Kiryat Sefer, is the largest Jewish town in Judea and Samaria.

Rachel's Tomb

Later on Monday morning, Arabs rioted near Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, throwing rocks and a pipebomb at the holy site.  No one was hurt.