Petition for Eldad, Marzel
Petition for Eldad, Marzel

An internet petition is being circulated, demanding that the new religious/nationalist party include Baruch Marzel and MK Aryeh Eldad.

Like the new party itself, the group that initiated the petition is nameless – but says that a unified nationalist camp can only be truly so with the inclusion of Baruch Marzel and Aryeh Eldad.”

Eldad refused to join the new party, which is being formed as a composite of the National Religious Party and National Union parties Tekumah and Moledet, because he said it was not sufficiently welcoming to secular nationalists.  He now heads a secular pro-Land of Israel party named HaTikvah (The Hope). However, the new religious party has recently placed a significant emphasis on attracting many sectors, including notably the secular camp.

Marzel, a resident of Hevron and head of the National Jewish Front, is considered too hawkish for many middle-of-the-road religious-Zionist voters.

Despite this, a petition organizer told Arutz-7’s Ornit Etzer, “It goes without saying that unity without members is not unity. Leaving out Marzel and Eldad will certainly lead to a split of the nationalist vote, which given our situation, would be calamitous.”

“For some reason,” the petition organizer said, “everyone seems to feel that as pro-Land of Israel activists, we are supposed to accept the inclusion of left-wing personalities, and people who led the defeat in Gush Katif and who called on soldiers to carry out expulsion orders. It must be made perfectly clear that we will insist and demand on being represented in the new party’s list of Knesset candidates by those who truly represent us and who lead the struggle for the Land of Israel.”

The petition also calls on “public figures and activists” in general to be willing to join the list and run for Knesset on its behalf.  “Only if there is one camp that unites everyone will we be able to attract many votes and increase our strength,” the petition concludes.

The Hebrew-language petition can be seen at <>.  The stated objective is to reach 10,000 signatories.