IDF anti-terror checkpoint
IDF anti-terror checkpoint

Doctors in Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tivkah operated on an IDF soldier on Tuesday, after a female Palestinian Arab terrorist threw acid on his face.  Though preliminary reports stated that he had lost his eye, doctors said after the operation that his eye's future is uncertain.

The attack occurred Monday morning at the Hawara Checkpoint near Shechem.

The attacker was arrested by security forces, and was transferred to the police.  She is believed to be the perpetrator of another attempted another acid attack on a soldier 12 days ago; she escaped after that attack.

US Role in Removing Anti-Terror Checkpoints

At similar checkpoints throughout Judea and Samaria, soldiers guard against the passage of terrorists and/or weapons and explosives to be used in terror attacks.  The U.S. has been instrumental in persuading Israel to accept the PA's demand to remove many of these anti-terrorism checkpoints.

On Monday night, Jewish residents of the Shomron quickly organized an evening of appreciation for the soldiers and the dangerous work they do on their behalf.  Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika and MK Otniel Shneller were in attendance.

The next day, Shneller visited some of the victims of the run-over terror attack in Jerusalem, in which 23 soldiers were wounded.

The evening of appreciation took place at the Hawara Checkpoint, where Jewish residents of the nearby towns distributed cake and candies to the soldiers.  The residents noted that the soldiers face a two-pronged struggle: against the Arab population and the potential terrorists, on the one hand, and vis-a-vis the left-wing MachsomWatch women, who document their every move that appears to the women to be too security-conscious and not sufficiently Arab-friendly.

"The soldiers act with total dedication vis-a-vis the Arab terrorists," Mesika said, "and also in the face of harassment of the MachsomWatch women, and therefore we must embrace, thank, encourage and strengthen them... We must become a normal country where the soldiers can defend themselves and not have to worry about the radical left that pesters them in their duties."