Palestinian Authority terrorists in Gaza launched an attack on the port city of Ashkelon Friday morning, firing four medium-range rockets at the coastal city.

One of the missiles exploded close to a strategic site in the southern section of the city, damaging many gravestones in the local cemetery.  All four rockets hit the city’s industrial area; no one was injured.

Ashkelon is home to a large electric power station, which also provides energy to Gaza, as well as much of Israel.  Also located in the city are oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks.

Israel Rejects Hamas ‘Ceasefire’ Offer

Israel turned down another “ceasefire” offer by Hamas conveyed to Jerusalem by Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman Thursday night. The deal called for Hamas to halt rocket attacks on Israel for six months if the IDF would cease targeting the group’s gunmen.

“Hamas’s truce offer is intended to buy time to rearming,” said David Baker, Israel’s Senior Coordinator for Foreign Media. He added that the terrorist group’s offer was not sincere.

“There will be no need for Israeli defense operations if Hamas stops carrying out terror attacks against Israelis,” said Baker, adding, “Israel will continue to defend its citizens.”

Earlier in the week, Hamas suggested a 30-day ceasefire and a 10-year truce, but reserved the right to continue to smuggle weapons into Gaza and manufacture rockets.

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman commented: “We do not intend to give them that time and we do not believe that any truce offer that comes from Hamas is indeed trustworthy.”