The Jabotinsky Heritage House in Tel Aviv recently completed a study on the psychological training given to IDF soldiers before the 2005 “Disengagement” and its effect on subsequent IDF operations.  The psychological training given to soldiers had a serious impact on soldiers’ performance in later conflicts, researchers found.

Dr. Gadi Eshel said the research team managed to collect a vast amount of material on the mental preparation for the eviction and the eviction itself.  The material showed that the army put a great deal of effort into creating terms that would help soldiers to feel that they were doing the right thing, said researcher Ruthie Isakovich.  Isakovich labeled the training given to soldiers to mentally prepare them to evict Jews “brainwashing.”

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In the above video Eshel and Isakovich explain their research and the connection they found between the pre-Disengagement training and the army’s difficulties during the Second Lebanon War.