Yad L'Achim, the anti-missionary organization with a side interest in rescuing Jewish girls from Arab villages, has rescued two such girls in the past few weeks - one of them twice!

The latest incident occurred when the young woman, identified only as S., told her Arab boyfriend - whom she met in the local supermarket where he worked - that she wanted to end their relationship. In response, he took her to an isolated spot, beat her, and warned her never to leave him.  He then took her to her parents' home, but continued to patrol the area in his car to make sure she would not run away. 

S. then called the Yad L'Achim emergency line, and was instructed to call her Arab "friend" and say that her desire to leave was only a momentary lapse and that she wishes to continue the relationship.  She did so, and in fact the Arab left.  Before dawn, a Yad L'Achim car arrived at the house and took her to a secret home in the Shomron. 

But the story does not end there - mainly because S. did not listen to instructions.  She was told that past experience had shown that she must give up her cell phone and all contacts with her family for a short while, in order that her boyfriend not be able to track her down.  S. could not bear to give up her phone contacts with her best friend, however - and in fact her Arab boyfriend found her.  He arrived one day with several friends and forced her to accompany them. Neighbors who saw the incident called the police, but S. told them she was not being kidnapped. Despite this, the Arab again beat her brutally. 

Once again, S. found the way to call Yad L'Achim and say that though she knew she didn't follow their instructions, she needed their help once again. This time, she was taken to another secret apartment, cut off all contact with friends and family for a while - and is now anxious to have her success story used as a warning to other Jewish girls not to enter into relationships with Arabs.

Yad L'Achim Chairman Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifshitz said the incident should serve as a warning for Jewish store-owners who employ Arabs in the midst of Jewish neighborhoods.

Hospital Tip Leads to Jewish Wedding

In a story that was reported last month, an elderly hospital patient took notice of a suspicious Arab-Jewish relationship, phoned Yad L'Achim, and another girl was saved - and is about to be married to a newly-observant man in Bnei Brak. 

This incident began about seven months ago when the Yad L'Achim hotline received a call from a man hospitalized at Sheba Hospital near Tel Aviv. The caller said he saw a Jewish girl at whose bedside was a young man who appeared to be an Arab. “She seems to be suffering and the Arab is there to make sure she didn’t talk,” reported the elderly Jew. “I’m turning to you because you’re the only ones who can do something.”

Within half an hour, two Yad L’Achim members arrived at the hospital, posing as representatives of an organization that distributes food to patients and their families. After speaking with the girl, the two reported back to Yad L'Achim that she appeared to be "frightened, even terrorized."  The group's intelligence department then learned that the young Arab was an illegal worker and that the girl had left her family to enter into a relationship with him. Yad L’Achim immediately forwarded the information to the police, which arrested the Arab and neutralized the threat he posed.

Discussions with family in Arad revealed that the young woman had been orphaned from her father as a child and that she had slight disabilities that resulted in her being rejected by her friends. With no father or a close circle of friends, she was a “perfect” victim for her Arab suitor.  Weeks of painstaking work by Yad L’Achim, including deep discussions with he about the importance of family and the Jewish People, she returned to her family and Torah observance - and later became engaged to an observant Jew.  The marriage is scheduled for next month. 

Rabbi Lipschitz, commenting on this story, said, “An elderly Jew is lying in the hospital and sees something that sets off warning bells. He can ignore it, but he remembers his obligation to take responsibility for fellow Jews... He [took] out his cell phone and call[ed] Yad L’Achim’s hotline, and in so doing he saved a fellow Jew. All the souls that will come from this young woman and her descendants are in his merit. The message of this story is that we mustn’t remain indifferent.”

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