Two rocket attacks on Sderot from Gaza took place Sunday morning, hitting the town’s cemetery and the backyard of a home, wounding three people. A Fatah terror group claimed responsibility.

The first rocket landed in the cemetery at 10 AM, causing no damage or injuries.

The second was fired a short time later and landed in the city center, next to a home that was hit about a month ago. Three people were wounded, several were treated for shock, and the home was damaged.

The wounded were evacuated to Ashkelon’s Barzilai Hospital.

Both Islamic Jihad and a Fatah-affiliated group claimed they were the ones who launched rockets, according to Israeli government radio.

New Ideas For 'Missile-Proofing' Homes

Israel’s Mifram defense contracting company has presented two newly developed systems for armoring homes and businesses against Kassam and, even, Katyusha missile attacks.

The first one, called a Rav Mamad, protects one room of a home from a rocket impact and flying shrapnel. It involves affixing protective boards along the walls and ceiling of the room from inside.

The second is designed to protect an entire building – private, high-rise or commercial. Called Hamal, this method enables the speedy construction of a protective shield for the building “in a way that allows residents of the building to continue with their normal lives.”

The two systems work against both Kassam rockets and Katyusha missiles up to 122 mm, according to Mifras CEO Amos Klein. Klein says the main advantages of the new systems are the ease and speed with which they can be set up for a large number of homes and businesses.