PA terrorists fired seven Kassam rockets towards Israel on Wednesday morning. No one was hurt in the volleys, though damage was caused by one rocket.

A volley of four rockets landed north of Gaza, apparently aimed at Ashkelon, while another Kassam fell in the area of Sderot, causing some damage. One rocket ended up in the ocean, while another fell short and landed in Gaza.

At the same time, Israel offered to advance humanitarian aid towards the Palestinian Authority, following the sewage facility collapse in northern Gaza on Tuesday. Six people were killed, and some are still missing as a result of the flooding that destroyed 70% of the homes in a Bedouin village. The PA refused to accept Israel's help, except for allowing one of the wounded to be evacuated to an Israeli hospital.  The PA has actually blamed Israel for the collapse, saying Israel did not "allow heavy equipment" into the area beforehand to carry out the necessary repairs.

Israel denies the claims, while others in the PA blame the PA government itself for allowing the situation to have deteriorated to such a dangerous state.

In other security news: Arabs threw rocks at an Israeli car near Hevron late this morning; no one was hurt, but the car sustained damage... IDF forces arrested 20 wanted Hamas activists in Kalkilye, east of Raanana, over the night; 17 others were arrested elsewhere in Judea and Samaria... In Shechem, an Israeli force encountered an armed terrorist cell, shot towards them and reported at least one hit.