The Yad Yair synagogue was damaged, with many of the holy books and accoutrements inside viciously burned and destroyed. Torah scrolls were damaged in the attack, in addition to an adjoining building. Both structures are located on privately-owned Jewish land.

The synagogue stands as a memorial site for Yair Mendelson, who was murdered by Arab terrorists during the Arab uprising of the late 1980s. It was also ransacked three months ago, but had been repaired and refurbished since then.

Fifty residents of the Dolev-Talmonim region, with permission from the IDF, set up camp in Yad Yair Thursday night to protest the arson. Residents hope to establish a community around the synagogue.

The National Union-NRP issued a statement calling the destruction of the synagogue a terrible and ghastly act. “We demand an immediate response from the police and military, the capture of the vandals and their punishment,” a statement read. “And a permanent presence at the site should be established.”

Elsewhere in the Binyamin region, north of Jerusalem, Israeli vehicles were targeted by Arab stone throwers north of Ramallah. Though one vehicle was damaged, no injuries were reported.

In Hevron, a bomb was thrown at a Jewish resident’s vehicle near the Jewish community’s Gross Square. No injuries or damage were reported in the incident.

Al-Aksa Brigades Terrorist Killed

Thursday, Mohammed al-Gandur, a member of Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigades was killed by IDF soldiers during an operation in Shechem. Al-Gandur was involved in a shooting attack and the preparation of bombs to be used against Israelis. Three other Al-Aksa terrorists were injured. No IDF injuries were reported in the clashes.

Thirteen wanted PA Arabs were arrested overnight, nine in Kalkilya, three from Fatah’s Tanzim, in Bethlehem and an Islamic Jihad terrorist in Jenin.

Terrorists opened fire on IDF forces operating in Ramallah, but failed to inflict any injuries.

Hevron police Thursday located a stolen Israeli blood-bank ambulance in the village of Dura. The ambulance had been stolen from the Tel Aviv region. After it was examined by police sappers, it was returned to its owners.

Thursday night, IDF and Border Police arrested 12 more wanted PA Arabs, including four Hamas members in Ramallah.