The cancellation, if it comes, is assumed to be the result of a series of violent anti-parade protests over the past several days, which promise only to intensify as the scheduled date of the parade - this Friday - nears.

Anti-march elements are planning to submit a request to the police today to help them bring close to 3,500 busloads of protestors this Friday. The request asks for an operative plan to regulate bus lanes in the capital and direct traffic appropriately, find locations where the passengers can be dropped off, arrange parking for the buses, and then regulate the protestors' return to their buses and the buses' travel routes back home - all without desecrating the Sabbath, which is to begin shortly after the scheduled march.

The request specifies the following numbers:

* 1,500 buses will come from yeshiva high schools (religious-Zionist) and metivtot (hareidi) around the country;

* 800 are being organized by Shas Party activists;

* 500 will come from Judea and Samaria;

*400 will be organized by Chabad-Lubavitch volunteers.

Representatives of the Mateh Meshutaf (Umbrella Task Force) are to meet with the police today to submit the request. One of the representatives told Arutz-7 today, "I saw the real self-sacrifice on the part of the protestors last night, and I see that they don't care if they get hit [by the police]; they're really zealous about stopping this abomination. But the police and courts and those who want to have this parade don't care about bloodshed or about dividing the public... It's truly very sad."

Asked if he thinks that the protestors would accept a compromise, he hesitated and said, "I don't think anything will go over in Jerusalem, unless perhaps if it's a totally closed and private event."

A mass prayer rally scheduled this Friday at Zion Square - not far from the scheduled parade route - is being advertised all over the country. The organizers do not plan to cancel it even if the police announce today that the parade is off. They feel that no police decision is final, and that the Supreme Court can overturn it at the last minute.

Hareidi-religious Jews took to the streets once again Saturday night in massive demonstrations in various neighborhoods in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country.

Demonstrators had been advised by the Hareidi Rabbinical Court not to protest on Saturday night, but rather to wait until Franco made his decision on whether to authorize the parade. The announcement was broadcast by cars traveling through the religious neighborhoods.

Nonetheless, the streets were packed with protestors shortly after the end of Shabbat in defiance of the recommendation. Streets were blocked in the following Jerusalem neighborhoods: Meah Shearim, Geulah, Givat Mordechai, Kiryat Moshe and Bayit V'gan. Some of the demonstrations escalated beyond mere vocal protest.

Spikes were strewn along sections of one road in the city, and four vehicles were reportedly damaged. In other areas, trash cans were set on fire, a tire was burned, one police vehicle was damaged and a police officer was wounded by a rock. There were a number of arrests. A fake bomb was found with a note addressed to the police chief threatening, “Hundreds more bags with real bombs will be waiting for you. Just like the Disengagement blew up in your face, so will the parade.”

The huge outpouring of rage against the prospect of homosexual marchers parading through the streets of Jerusalem was not limited to the holy city. Anti-parade demonstrators also blocked the streets near Ben Gurion International Airport, where temporary workers had been striking, and the protests merely added to the chaos caused by flight delays and baggage handling problems.

On Friday, trash cans were set on fire by some 200 protestors on Jerusalem's Shabbat Square, and the area was closed to traffic.

By evening, posters attacking the police chief were hanging in a number of Jerusalem synagogues, including an accusation that Franco was the grandson of the infamous Nazi officer Franz Stangl in the Treblinka death camp. Police said they opened a criminal investigation in response.

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