Shai Malkah’s trial is set to begin Thursday. He is being charged with inciting rebellion against the state for organizing the road blocking campaign, which was aimed at obstructing the implementation of Ariel Sharon’s Unilateral Disengagement plan.

Malkah (pictured above) will claim at the trial that selective enforcement of the law is being used against him and request that the case be thrown out of court.

He says he fears the proceedings will be nothing but a “show trial,” and cites a recent glimpse he was given of the way the trial will be run. When presented with the list of witnesses Malkah plans to call to the stand, Judge Slav Gartal dismissed all the supporting witnesses as “irrelevant.”

Among the witnesses who were to be called to the stand were Erez Eshel, chairman of the national student union, who organized student protests involving the blocking of main roads, and Eli Moyal, the mayor of Sderot, who used heavy equipment to block roads in his own city.

“Neither of them stood trial for organizing the blocking of roads,” Malkah says.

Malkah sat in prison for months as part of the Sharon government’s efforts to squelch anti-expulsion protests. The disqualification of his intended witnesses does not surprise him. “They do not even abide by their own rules,” he says of the court system. “It will be nothing but a show trial.”