A new united hareidi-religious-secular front was formed in Jerusalem last night. The goal: the absolute cancellation of the homosexual march scheduled for Jerusalem 16 days from now.

The formative meeting was held in the office of Jerusalem City Councilwoman Mina Fenton Tuesday night, with the participation of representatives of many religious and secular groups from around the country - and non-Jewish ones as well.

A series of activities is planned, with the goal of convincing the police that allowing the parade will simply be too dangerous. The message is that the expected turnout of anti-parade protestors, as well as the clashes that are likely to result, is likely to deteriorate into violence and possibly even bloodshed. The organizers emphasize that the planned protest activities will be totally legal.

Israel's Chief Rabbi, the Rishon LeTzion Rabbi Shlomo Amar, publicized a declaration condemning the homosexual march and advocating wide public protest. He called upon "every Jew for whom the existence of the Nation and Land of Israel is important," as well as rabbis all over the world, to "arouse a tremendous protest until this bad parade is totally called off."

Rabbi Amar "calls with love and affection to all our brethren, the House of Israel, to strengthen themselves in holiness, modesty and purity, and especially during these difficult days when Israel is persecuted from without and within and we are in need of great Heavenly mercies..."

Among the participating groups in the new front are the Eida HaHareidit Badatz Rabbinical Court, the Orange Task Force, Professors for a Strong Israel, the Nahalal Forum, Emunah Women, Yesha rabbis, Women in Green, and more.

Sabbath in Jerusalem

Rallies and marches against the parade will be held in various Jerusalem neighborhoods in the coming days. In addition, arrangements will be made for protestors from all around the country to spend the Sabbath at private homes and dormitories in Jerusalem - as the homosexual march is set to end late Friday afternoon.

Fenton reports that there is strong opposition from Jewish groups around the world to allowing a homosexual march in the Holy Land. In addition, she says, important donors from abroad are reconsidering their support for various projects in Israel, in light of the government's agreement to hold the parade.

Increasing Unity

Many of the speakers mentioned the great unity that the cause is engendering. The sensation of fulfilling an important mission for the Jewish People was felt by all, "totally dwarfing all that differences of opinion that generally exist between different sectors and ideologies."

A headquarters will be active 24 hours a day "until the announcement is received of the total cancellation of the abominable event."

Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, a prolific author and revered rabbi and teacher in the hareidi community, said, "Our total dedication is being tested. The rabbis must serve as an example, stopping the parade with their bodies. I am the first to say I am willing to lie down in the streets and stop it, and another 200 rabbis must do the same."

An unsigned poster to be hung on Jerusalem streets quotes Biblical verses referring to the punishment reserved for those who commit "sins of abomination," and then warns threateningly, "Jewish governments that support, silently or otherwise, this parade and the departure of holiness from Israel, and their courts and law-enforcers - they are all guilty and responsible for the grave results that are foreseen as a result of this parade and [that could happen] during the parade, Heaven forbid..."

The poster continues, "As everyone already knows, on the eve of Sabbath Vayera [when the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra is retold], the loyal Jewish public is threatened by a march of the abominators in Jerusalem - a giant parade with the permission of the police and the Supreme Court... For such sins, the Torah warns clearly that the Land will vomit out its inhabitants... Will you [sit] closed up in your home and wait for destruction, Heaven forbid?"