"I ask this family for forgiveness, he told Al-Jazeera. "I know apologies are insufficient and I take full responsibility. It was not intentional and the dead in Nazareth are considered martyrs like those in Lebanon, Palestine and the resistance."

The Associated Press reported that the Talouzi family does not blame Nasrallah and that the boys' funeral was peppered with speeches and slogans declaring the children martys in the war against Israel.

Meanwhile, in PA-controlled Shechem, thousands of Arabs marched in support of Hizbullah, calling upon Nasrallah to strike Tel Aviv. "Nasrallah, our dearest - strike, strike Tel Aviv," marchers chanted.

The IDF carried out an operation in the city on Friday, raiding a compound where PA terrorists working with Hizbullah to carry our attacked were holed up. Earlier in the week 30 Arabs were arrested in the city's Mukata compound.

In Gaza, the Air Force dropped leaflets informing residents that homes in which weapons and Kassam rockets are being stored would be targetted from now on, regardless of whether the civilian residents are home or not. The leaflets urged residents to take the threat seriously.
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