With no major Jewish organizational moral or logistical support, several hundred Jews from all over the U. S. converged on Washington D.C. to protest PM Olmert's plans for further withdrawals.

"No matter where a Jew lives, the Land of Israel belongs to him - Ehud Olmert doesn't have the right to give it away," says Moshe from New York.
Michelle Hensley drove to Washington from Ralleigh, North Carolina with her sons, Moshe and Goel Damkang, after reading about the protest on Arutz-7.
Yitzchak Honikman of Lawrence, NY wears a T-shirt lauding the refusal to participate in the destruction of a home in Gush Katif by IDF Corporal Avi Bieber.
Pastor Jim Vineyard came from Oklahoma to address the crowd. "We must stop this dastardly plan," he said, encouraging Jews to declare "We are mighty."
An Israeli youth wears a home-made anti-Olmert T-shirt.
A bus came from the Chabad-Lubavitch stronghold of Crown Heights.
High school students who took the day off to march on Washington.
A young man who said his friends were injured by police in Amona holds pictures of the aftermath and blames Ehud Olmert.
Some brought a lot of accessories.
Marc Caplan travelled to the protest from Richmond, Virginia. He says he used to get angry comments about the orange star he wears, but they stopped once Iran's president ordered Jews to wear yellow armbands once again.
Buddy Macy, who quit his leadership position in the Federation in protest of the disregard toward the mistreatment of the Jews expelled from Gaza, delivers a scathing critique of US Jewish leadership.

A smiling and passionate Jonathan Silverman, who had the idea for the protest, addressed the crowd.
David and Beth Gordon have been to a lot of rallies, but look forward most to September 5th, when they will be fulfilling their 21-year dream of Aliyah.
Beth Gordon's bag.

(Photos: Natan Gesher)