Terror Victim's Brother: We must continue in his footsteps

Brother of Eliyahu Kay speaks out following his brother's murder. 'He showed us it was possible to move to Israel, learn Hebrew.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

אליהו קיי הי"ד
אליהו קיי הי"ד
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Chanan Kay, the brother of Eliyahu David Kay, murdered in Sunday’s terrorist attack in the Old City of Jerusalem, told media how important it was for his brother that people understood the importance of Israel and why Jews should live there, stressing his strong Zionist beliefs that impelled him to move to Israel and join the army.

Speaking to Kan Bet news, Chanan said, “He showed us that it was possible to move to Israel, learn Hebrew, join the army, and lead a life of significance. He was an exemplary soldier,” he added. “It was really hard for him to get accepted to the Paratroopers and he was injured a number of times during his service, but nothing could stop him.

“He surmounted many difficulties, including all the ‘regular’ difficulties experienced by lone soldiers and new immigrants. He went on to excel in his commanders’ course, served as an officer on the Gaza border, and completed his service with the rank of platoon sergeant.”

Chanan stressed his brother’s sense of being on a mission, one that inspired his entire family to move to Israel in his footsteps. “It was so important to him that his friends and family understood what the State of Israel means, why we’re here, and in fact who we are,” he said. “He wanted to educate the whole world. He was a person who loved to talk to people and to connect with them.

“This is really, really hard for us, of course,” he continued, “but we know that it didn’t happen by chance. We all believe in leading lives of significance – that each and every one of us comes into this world for a specific reason. Life isn’t something random or empty of meaning – it’s full of meaning and we intend to continue in my brother’s path,” he concluded.