Mossad thwarted Iranian attacks on Israelis abroad

5 Iranian-linked suspects arrested over plot to attack Israeli tourists on safari and Israeli businessmen.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Israel’s Mossad agency foiled a string of planned terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens abroad, according to a report by Channel 12 Sunday night.

The attacks were planned in Africa, targeting Israeli civilians including tourists on safari and businessmen, according to the report.

Five Iranian-linked suspects were arrested and the attacks prevented thanks to intelligence transferred by unspecified Western intel agencies.

The plot centered around a series of attacks planned against Jewish and Israeli targets in Tanzania, Senegal, and Ghana, including tourists and businessmen.

The arrested terrorists have been linked to the Iranian Quds Force, a wing of the Revolutionary Guards, and were carrying African passports.

As part of the plot, the terrorists were sent by the Quds Force to Lebanon for training in preparation for the attacks. During their stay in Lebanon, the terrorists were also provided with the means to carry out their mission.

Posing as religious students, the terrorists returned to Africa, with the goal of identifying vulnerable Israeli and Jewish targets.

Before the plot could progress, however, the scheme was foiled and the terrorists arrested and transferred for interrogation by local authorities.