Besha'a Tova: New Whatsapp group for setting up friends starts when the clocks change.

Besha'a Tova: New Whatsapp group for setting up friends starts when the clocks change on Saturday night at 8:30 PM

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בשעה טובה
בשעה טובה
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This Saturday night the clocks will switch back to winter time, going back an hour. This hour gained can be used for a night out, extra sleep or to watch a movie.

But this year we will all dedicate it to a noble cause with long-term effects: finding a relationship for our friends.

"The initiative was born last year from an idea of Rabbi Yoni Lavie, and it was adopted warmly," says Tzuriel Gavison. "The simple accessibility that everyone has today, which allows us to reach so many people on WhatsApp, can set up many homes in Israel with a minimum of effort. Once a year - we all dedicate one hour for all our friends who want to move forward and build a home."

How does it work?

"Very simple: this coming Saturday night, starting at 8:30 PM, we will open the project's dedicated WhatsApp groups, upload photos and details of our friends- men and women, who are looking to meet someone (of course, do it with their permission).

Has anyone seen the details you provided and has a suggestion that might be relevant? He contacts the person who made the offer, and they make the connection. "How simple it is - this hour can build dozens of homes in Israel," says Gavison.

So this coming Saturday night - take a few minutes, and upload the details of the single friends to the "Besha'a Tova" groups. They may thank you for it for the rest of their lives.

Like the idea? You are welcome to join our dedicated WhatsApp groups, via this link>