Budget will include NIS 50m for Jewish identity projects

Funding obtained via efforts of MK Nir Orbach. Meanwhile, Meretz & Labor obtained NIS 6m for youth leaving religious observance.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MK Nir Orbach
MK Nir Orbach
Ariel Zandberg

The chairman of the Knesset Committee, MK Nir Orbach, has succeeded in advancing additional funding for a variety of projects related to Jewish identity, to be budgeted for over the next two years. According to a report on Channel 12, NIS 50 million in additional funds are to be allocated.

The funds will be transferred via the Centers for In-depth Jewish Education and will also go toward strengthening Jewish settlement in mixed Arab-Jewish cities and to “Torah-core” groups that move to areas with a limited Jewish presence.

The NIS 50 million in funding are in addition to the NIS 16.5 million that have already been allocated for the purpose of strengthening identity and Jewish culture, via the Education Ministry, which was pushed through by Yamina MK Idit Silman.

However, at the other end of the spectrum, the Meretz and Labor parties have succeeded in gaining approval for a NIS 6 million budget for “counseling centers” and “emergency shelters” for youth seeking to leave religious observance.

Another NIS 9.5 million are being budgeted for help centers for those harmed by sexual abuse, which was demanded by the Meretz, Labor, and New Hope parties. Another NIS 8 million is being allocated to hospitals to provide “acute treatment rooms,” as per the request of MK Orna Barbivay.

The Yesh Atid party also requested and received an additional budget of NIS 6 million for the Agriculture Ministry designated for dealing with street cats.