Meretz MK threatens to topple Bennett government

After PM warns coalition members against infighting, Meretz MK threatens to topple government, accusing it of promoting 'annexation'.

David Rosenberg ,

בנט וגנץ
בנט וגנץ
צילום: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

A lawmaker from the far-left Meretz party threatened Sunday to topple the Bennett government, accusing it of promoting a right-wing agenda, including the “annexation” of parts of Judea and Samaria.

MK Michal Rozin tweeted a Ha’aretz editorial piece Sunday which called the national unity government “right-wing in every way”.

The piece, which referenced opposition from settlement leaders to plans by the Defense Ministry’s Civil Administration to recognize dozens of unauthorized buildings in a small Arab town in the heart of Gush Etzion, excoriated the government for promoting the construction of Jewish neighborhoods in and around Jerusalem.

Rozin responded to the article, threatening to bring down the government if Defense Minister Benny Gantz agrees to reverse the Civil Administration decision to recognize the unauthorized Arab structures.

“If Gantz gives in the settler pressure and stops the recognition of a small Palestinian village, while at the same time the government advances building projects in Jerusalem after 30 years, that is a violation of the [coalition] agreement that no steps should be taken that are not in the consensus. We, the parties which do not believe in the annexation of territories will declare clearly that this government has no mandate to do this.”

Rozin’s comments came just hours after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urged coalition members to avoid infighting within the government.

“Let us focus in these coming weeks, and in general, on what we have in common, not what divides us,” Bennett said at this week’s cabinet meeting.

“Even if when someone feels the burning need to respond, when they are sure they are right, keep in mind the greater goal.”