Racheli needs a kidney transplant NOW, before it is too late.

Racheli needs an urgent kidney transplant - but neither the HMO nor the government is willing to cover the cost. Will you help?

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Shanel Rachel
Shanel Rachel
Courtesy of the family

Shortly after the birth of Shanel Rachel, doctors informed the Menachem family that their dear baby daughter suffered from a kidney malfunction. The child's left kidney does not function at all, while the right kidney functions at a mere 60%.

Only ten years old, Racheli, as she is known within her family, has endured more pain and suffering than most people see during an entire lifetime. Inflammations and acute infections of the digestive tract cause Racheli intense pain that is too much for her little body to bear.

The situation is so severe that Racheli is not even able to relieve herself in the bathroom in a normal manner and she is forced to undergo invasive procedures in the hospital to remove natural waste material from her body on a regular basis.

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Unable to eat regularly, Racheli has developed anxiety and eating disorders bordering on anorexia. Racheli weighs a mere 17 kg. (40 lbs.) – the average weight of 3-year-old child!

Until now, Racheli has been treated at Schneider's Children's Hospital in Petah Tikva under the care of specialists. The family has been doing everything possible to help Racheli and provide her with the best medication and most effective treatments. Now, even that is not enough.

Racheli must undergo a kidney transplant and emergency operation to save her life!

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Racheli's mother, Ayelet, is begging for her daughter's life. "She is our entire life. We will not rest, we cannot rest, until we know that we have made every possible human effort to save her life and G-d willing will be able to see her live the life of a normal, happy child. I appeal to the kindness of your hearts and beg you to save the life of my precious daughter, because her condition grows worse from day to day and may soon reach the stage, G-d forbid, in which nothing can be done for her. "

The kidney transplant that will save Racheli's life can be performed at Boston Children's Hospital. Neither the HMOs nor the Israeli government is willing to cover the cost of the $300,000 operation. Already in debt from years of treatments not included in the government health basket, the family has nowhere to turn to collect the funds necessary to save Racheli's life!

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It is up to us, merciful Jews who know the meaning and immense merit of saving even one life to come to the aid of the Menachem family and save their daughter Shanel Rachel.

Racheli's life depends on your generosity.

Who can stand idly by and let an innocent ten-year-old girl die when the solution is so near?

If 1,400 people each give US$ 360, Racheli is saved!


We can save Racheli!

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