Green Pass system imposed at Israel military bases

IDF to limit access at army bases to the vaccinated, recovered, and soldiers with recent COVID tests.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Vaccine in IDF
Vaccine in IDF
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The Israeli military imposed the Green Pass system at IDF bases across the country starting this week, limiting access to indoor facilities to service members with valid vaccination cards, proof of recovery, or recent negative coronavirus tests.

In a statement released Tuesday, the IDF said that roughly 80% of eligible service members have received the third shot of the coronavirus vaccine.

The army added that its implementation of the Green Pass system will be carried out in stages, as the IDF encourages more soldiers to receive the COVID booster shot.

“In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, the Green Pass policy has been introduced to IDF bases and units at the beginning of the week,” the IDF said in a statement.

“The application of the ‘Green Pass’ in the IDF will be carried out in several stages for soldiers in regular service, permanent service members, IDF civilian employees and reservists.”

In the first stage, which is currently underway, the army is working to rapidly vaccinate as many soldiers as possible with the third dose of the COVID vaccine.

In Stage Two, starting on October 14, 2021, the implementation of the "Green Pass" in the IDF will be expanded in accordance with future bylaws. From this date, only those with a "Green Pass" or a valid negative COVID test, will be allowed to enter IDF bases.

Soldiers in regular service who do not have a "Green Pass" will be required to take serology tests. The method of performing the tests and their frequency will be determined in the next two weeks by IDF medical officials and provided to soldiers in regular service.

Permanent service members who do not have a "Green Pass" will be required to perform two tests a week independently, and to present a negative test before entering an IDF base. The application of the policy to IDF civilian employees will be agreed upon separately, in coordination with the IDF Civilian Employment Center in the next two weeks.

Units where over 90% of the unit has a "Green Pass" will be considered ''protected" units. "Protected" units will receive relief such as the cancellation of capsules and restrictions on gatherings. Additionally, common areas including gyms, dining rooms and synagogues will be opened, allowing these units to operate as routine.

As for reservists, a determination was made that recruiting reservists for operational activities, to support operational activities and for training will only be possible for reservists with a "Green Pass". A reservist who is unvaccinated, or has a COVID recovery certificate, is required to have a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to recruitment. Reservists who arrive for unit training or operational employment without a "Green Pass" and without a valid negative PCR test will perform an antigen test upon arrival to their unit.

Travel permits abroad for IDF service members with a "Green Pass" will be evaluated by a commander with the rank of Colonel, with the exception of trips to countries defined as maximum risk which will be approved only by the Head of the Operations Directorate. Service members who do not have a "Green Pass" will not be allowed to travel abroad except in special circumstances and for operational needs with the approval of the Head of the Operations Directorate.