Sharia law in Europe

Free expression is a vague memory and a dangerous concept, especially if you dare say that Islam does not allow it. People who dared have paid.Op-ed. Op-ed.

Giulio Meotti‏ ,

University of Bristol
University of Bristol
Professor Steven Greer was under investigation for five months, until the university canceled his course after allegations of "Islamophobia". Students had demanded that the University of Bristol fire him for "Islamophobic comments," revealed the Mail on Sunday. The Islamic Society of the University had collected thousands of signatures.

Meanwhile, Greer had to flee home due to fears for his safety. Critics of his views claimed that at a conference Greer cited the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo's offices as an example leading to Islamophobia (Samuel Paty's beheading a year ago didn't teach right-thinking people very much).

Professor Greer also criticized the Sharia treatment of women and Christians in Islamic nations.

"The campaign was fierce and punitive and put my family and me under intolerable stress," Greer told the Mail on Sunday. “It was scary. To be safe, my wife and I ran away from home to be in a safer place. Militant minorities are increasingly intent on dictating the law through defamation, intimidation and threats”.

Greer told the Mail on Sunday. “It was scary. To be safe, my wife and I ran away from home to be in a safer place."
Professor Greer, whose book, Tackling Terrorism In Britain: Threats, Responses And Challenges Twenty Years After 9/11, will be published next month, will retire early.

What did Greer tell the students that caused such a scandal? That in Islam freedom of ex‎pression is punishable by death, like apostasy. Then, that religious minorities under Islam are second-class citizens. And that women, finally, are subjected to a regime of discrimination with polygamy, divorce, in court, and in physical beatings and clothing ... And we are in the same university where a colleague of Greer's, David Miller, can stir in the murk of anti-Semitism without encountering sanctions.

But of course you know, Islam enjoys preferential treatment. Last spring, another teacher in Batley, England, was forced out of school and home after being subjected to death threats for showing Charlie Hebdo cartoons in class during a lesson on freedom of ex‎pression. Now that educator, who was also suspended from school, lives in a "safe house" with his wife and children.

We are talking about a country where, for the accusation of "Islamophobia", the book of a famous journalist like Julie Burchill has been thrown away and where "museums and libraries keep dozens of images of Mohammed, but they remain out of reach of the public," as The Guardian explained.

For those who have not noticed it yet, the Taliban are imposing Islamic law not only in Afghanistan, but also in Europe.