Both woke Leftists and the Taliban destroy books

Strange that it is not only the Taliban who are destroying children's books, but also our liberal wokes. Op-ed

Giulio Meotti‏ ,

book burning censorship
book burning censorship
The Taliban took control of the Norwegian embassy in Kabul and destroyed bottles of wine and children's books. It was the Norwegian ambassador to Iran, Sigvald Hauge, who revealed what happened in the Norwegian embassy in Kabul, abandoned during the August escape of those from Western countries.

Nothing strange, no surprise, unless you believed that the "Taliban have changed", as so many idiots with a certain weight in the press have repeated for weeks.

Strange, however, that it is not only the Taliban who are destroying children's books, but also our Tolerants.

In recent days, in Canada, Asterix, Tintin and Lucky Luke were set on fire in Ontario schools (Hergé's "Tintin in Congo" has become virtually unobtainable in America). These are the imposters of Progress who have just destroyed 5,000 children's books in a "purification ceremony".

The "woke" movement practices an auto da fé in the name - not of Islam or Christianity - but of “inclusiveness”. And we would be wrong to think that the Canadian case is isolated.

-Several books by the famous and marvelously imaginative children's writer Dr. Seuss have recently been thrown away because they are considered "racist".

-In Spain two hundred titles of a school library have been banned as containing "toxic stereotypes"

-The Swedish authorities of Botkyrka have removed the beloved classic Pippi Longstocking from libraries due to "racist" content and a children's book in Germany was reduced to dust after the publisher succumbed to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.

-British Library director Liz Jolly said the shelves of her glorious institution are "full of racism" and wants to get rid of so many titles, while Roual Dahl's children's books are disappearing from English libraries.

-It also happens that David Russell, director of the Education and Training Foundation, claims that he has stopped reading books "written by whites" in order to combat racism.

Kenneth Baker has published a book on the "bibliocaust", the burning of books from Caliph Omar to Hitler, passing through the fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

When they burned the books in Berlin, the Nazis said that from the ashes of those novels would "rise the phoenix of a new spirit". The same hatred inflames Islamists and politically correct idiots. And we don't even have the faintest idea of ​​how much of our Western culture has succumbed to Islam.

Somali-born dissident and essayist Ayaan Hirsi Ali in a video has just explained what Islamic fanatics and progressives have in common: ideological purity, hatred of pluralism, iconoclasm and censorship. There is the hell of the Taliban, who erase the irreplaceable colored murals to replace them with Islamic ones, and there is the hell of the "wokes", who erase the murals with Rudyard Kipling's poems.

Peggy Sastre on Le Point wrote that it is hard, indeed very hard, to condemn the Taliban for the burqa when one is “woke” and defends it here. Now we can say the same for the book burnings in Kabul and Kandahar.

Suzy Kies, president of the Indigenous Peoples Commission of the Liberal Party of Canada (the formation of which can be traced to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), thus justified the burning of books this way:

“We are not trying to erase history, we are trying to correct it”.

Quranic students could not have said it better.