An Afghan Pashtun's analysis of what has befallen his homeland

Pashtuns, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan; (possibly descendants of the lost tribes of Israel) are prey for terrorists. Op-ed.

A.(name withheld). ,

Afghan migrants
Afghan migrants

About the author: A.was born and raised in the South of Afghanistan. For six years he lived under the Taliban rule, until the collapse of the terrorist regime in 2001. Later, together with his family, he moved to Kabul. There he hoped to receive proper education and pursue a better life. He holds two Bachelor degrees from foreign universities and currently resides with his family in Kabul, caught in the chaos and fearing for his and their lives.His full name is known to Arutz Sheva.

Background: A Brief Analysis Of The Situation In Afghanistan After The Withdrawal Of The U.S and NATO Forces.

Political Situation: U.S. decision to promote the so-called “Peace Talks” in Doha strengthened the political image of Taliban, which in its turn drastically weakened the acting government. Since the U.S. accepted a terrorist organization as a legitimate partner for peace talks, neighbouring countries and the world received a “green light” to tighten ties with Taliban:

Taliban’s old friends and sponsors Pakistan and Iran, together with China, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and others, held several secret and open meetings with high-ranking Taliban officials, where they signed treaties securing their interests in case Talibs join the existing government or take over the power in Afghanistan. This caused severe political damage to the government of Afghanistan.

The U.S spent millions of dollars financing the Peace Process with an outcome that solely favours them and the Taliban, erasing almost everything that was achieved for the Afghan people in the last 20 years. By doing so, the U.S. not only empowered the Talibs, but also created chaos inside the pro-west government: several big political parties in Afghanistan started threatening the government to pledge loyalty to the terrorists.

The Afghan government, mostly consisting of the North Coalition and led by President Ashraf Ghani, collapsed as almost all foreign troops were withdrawn from the country.

The government, threatened by the Taliban and about 31 other terrorist groups, was left without any support from former allies and key players in the region and the world. When the Taliban reached the outskirts of Kabul, President Ghani fled the country.

1. Security Situation:

Afghans are currently going through the most dangerous and bloody times of the 20-year war. The moment the U.S announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan, Taliban started attacking with full force, which resulted in them taking over 33 out of 34 provinces and the capital of Kabul. There are 3 major reasons behind recent success of Taliban:

A. No more support from NATO and the U.S. The “Peace” treaty signed between the U.S. and Taliban in Qatar indicates that Taliban will not be seen as an opponent by the U.S., if Talibs refrain from attacking central areas of the provinces. Basically, this agreement granted Taliban permission and courage to increase and strengthen their attacks against ANDSF [Afghan National Defense and Security Force] and civilians.

President Biden stated that Afghans, “have got to fight for themselves, fight for their nation.” Jen Psaki followed his comments stating, “They have what they need,” she said. “What they need to determine is if they have the political will to fight back.” The U.S was no longer interested. With no air and ground support from NATO and the U.S.there was no hope.

B. Generous financial support, as well as military supplies, manpower and notorious propaganda provided by Pakistan. The whole world knows that Pakistan created the Taliban terrorist group (along with other jihadi and extremist groups), in order to help the U.S. win the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Since then, Pakistan has been supporting and strengthening the Taliban to make sure the war in Afghanistan never ends.

Intelligence data shows that Pakistan sent thousands of new militants to Afghanistan via the Durand Line. There are footages of Taliban militants openly crossing the border to Afghanistan via Speen Boldak border gate which has been in the hands of Taliban since the start of the chaos. There is also graphical evidence that Talibs are transferring captured army vehicles and weapons via captured border gates to Pakistan. Other footages show Taliban attacking the ANDSF with sniper guns that are only available to the Iranian special forces.

C. Some of the areas recently captured by Taliban were surrendered by local authorities without any fight. Corruption, no air and ground support from NATO and the U.S. and late support from the central government resulted in officials fleeing their provinces or joining Talibs.

On August 15, non-Pashtun [Pashtuns - the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan; believed to be descendants of the lost tribes of Israel] leaders and members of the North Coalition were invited to Pakistan, this to assure them that they will stay in power together with the Taliban. Paksitani officials, politicians and regular citizens were filmed celebrating Afghanistan’s fall.

On average, 70 children are killed daily due to clashes in the country. Imprisoned criminals and terrorists are being set free by the Talibs. The Media, especially resources like Al Jazeera, are whitewashing the Taliban of the atrocities committed in the past. If the world continues ignoring the Afghan crisis, we might face another civil war in a few months from now, which may eventually destroy Afghanistan.

2. Economic Situation:

Almost all businesses in the areas of clashes between the ANDSF and Taliban closed and, in many cases, were destroyed/burned. Taliban took over several important commercial border crossings in July and is earning thousands of dollars every day from the import/export taxes. The money is transferred to Pakistan on a daily basis: transferred to bank accounts via local banks, or physically delivered to known and unknown facilities. This results in more weapons and supplies received by Talibs, their salaries increased, and more terrorists hired.

With businesses closed/destroyed in local cities, and Taliban gaining power over commercial border crossings, both the government and civilians are suffering significant economic loss. Poverty has reached its peak and is continuing to rise. Many headed to what they hoped were still-secure areas inside the country, while others flee Afghanistan by legal and illegal ways. During the flight, any of those who managed to get to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul hoping to leave the country were killed by the U.S. strikes, including women and children. Some people managed to hide inside landing gear of planes, but fell out and died during take off.

Neighbouring countries took strict steps to prevent Afghans taking refuge in their lands. Recently in Turkey, one of the countries Afghans immigrate to the most, nationwide protests against Afghan refugees took place. Protesters incite hatred and threaten Afghans with violence if they don’t leave Turkey. China, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan increased security and surveillance of their borders to stop Afghan refugees. Most Afghans who wanted freedom found themselves locked inside a burning box, anticipating death by either a bullet, a bomb or poverty, some got out.

3. General Analysis:

Although the Taliban is comprised of terrorists of different ethnicities, as well as of foreign citizens (Pakistanis, Iranians, Uzbeks, Turkish, Chechens, Arabs etc.), the majority of Talibs belong to Afghan native group: the Pashtuns, who are believed to belong to the lost tribes of Israel.

It is estimated, unofficially, that there are more than 70 million Pashtuns around the world, with most of them living in Afghanistan and Pakistan. These tribes are famous for their commitment, hospitality, honesty, bravery and fighting capability. When the civil war broke out in 1989 (caused and flamed by the Pakistani regime), approximately 2.5 million Afghans, mostly Pashtuns, fled their country and found shelter in Pakistan. Most of them still live there. Since then, the Pakistani regime has been misusing these people in its own interests: brainwashing them into becoming islamic extremists in religious schools (madrassas), to then send them to Afghanistan to fight the so-called “Holy War” (jihad). This war has caused nothing but death of hundreds of thousands of their Pashtun brothers and sisters, and destruction of their own country.

Besides Pakistan, their local non-Pashtun allies, too, played a significant role in empowering the Taliban movement by committing war crimes, violating human rights, and killing and jailing innocent Pashtun civilians during operations in Afghanistan.

The Bani-Israel of Afghanistan have been the main victims of the never-ending war. Vast majority of clashes, bombings, military operations and terror attacks during the last 20 years have taken place in regions where the Pashtuns live. As a result, Pashtuns weren’t able to receive education, they had no access to basic services, were kept away from technology and cut off from the rest of the world. Ignorance and extremely poor living conditions made it easy for them to fall into the hands of Islamic fanatics, who misused Pashtun bravery, commitment and honesty to pursue their own interests in the Afghan war.

We hope the world, especially the Jewish world, offers a helping hand to their Pashtun brothers in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Help us defeat terrorists and protect us from being the victims of wicked political games. If guided in the right direction, Pashtuns can become the symbol of peace and invincible force in the region, just like Israel is in the Middle East.