Man interrupts Shaked during Yamina gathering

Resident of Herzliya interrupts Interior Minister during toast in Netanya: You deceived us, you built a coalition with terrorist supporters.

Hezki Baruch ,

Yamina gathering in Netanya
Yamina gathering in Netanya

Eliyahu Nissim, a resident of Herzliya, participated on Sunday night in a Rosh Hashanah toast of the Yamina party in Netanya, and interrupted Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked as she spoke, shouting, "You deceived us, you built a coalition with terrorist supporters."

Shaked tried to continue her remarks and said that she was "dealing with a complex coalition", at which point she was interrupted again by Nissim, who shouted at her, "A complex coalition? A coalition with terrorist supporters! Shame on you. You deceived us! You took our votes and used them to join terrorist supporters."

The participants who interrupted the gathering were removed from the premises and it continued as usual.