Taliban storm Kabul TV station, terrorize news anchor

A Kabul-based TV program became home to a Taliban propaganda hit when militants stormed the station.

Eitan Divinsky ,


Afghanistan's Peace Studio became the latest target of a Taliban propaganda hit when gunmen belonging to the group that took control over the country with the withdrawal of all foreign troops on August 31 stormed the news studio.

Footage appears to show the presenter reading off a statement on behalf of the group telling viewers that the Islamic Emirate - the name the Taliban have designated for their newly-created state - wants the public's cooperation and "should not be afraid."

The anchor can be seen with a group of militants at his back, indicating that the entire program was a coerced ploy to have the news station deliver a message on behalf of the Taliban.

Earlier in the day, the Taliban declared Afghanistan's independence after the US completed its withdrawal from the country.

“The last US soldier has left Kabul airport and our country gained complete independence,” Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf said according to a Reuters report.

The Taliban celebrated the event by firing into the air and entering Kabul Airport unhindered.

Asked what message they have for the public and the Mujahideen, they respond, “To the public, enjoy the victory with prayers. Work for your country, follow Sharia, be good human beings, be kind, respect everyone.”