Our arsenal of weapons in the battle against fear

It’s Elul, and the world is in chaos and bewildered…perfect timing.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitschak Reuven ,

Prayers in Tzfat
Prayers in Tzfat
Flash 90

The Torah portion of Ki Teitzei opens and closes with the theme of battle, and in between, it features more commandments than any other portion – 74 in all.

How do we understand the purpose of these commandments in our lives? It’s Elul, and our world is in a state of chaos and bewilderment…perfect timing!

So many people are fearful, and unsure of the future, as we witness more and more violence, natural disasters, and upheaval all over the world.

Our world is shaking, but that's right on schedule...this month of Elul is all being shaken up; about crying out to Hashem and finding Him in our lives. It’s a time of inner spiritual upheavals as well – a different, and very personal, type of battle…with one’s own negative traits.

The Divine commandments affords us an enhanced, inner vision into the true essence of reality, providing the toolkit we need to win our most difficult battle.