Israeli woman jailed in Peru to return home after two years

Hodaya Monsonego, who was arrested in Peru on charges of drug smuggling, released by local court from house arrest.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hodaya Monsonego
Hodaya Monsonego
Courtesy of the family

After personal and strenuous work of Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, together with the Israeli Embassy in Peru and the Consular Affairs Division of the Foreign Ministry, Israeli woman Hodaya Monsonego will soon be released from prison in Peru.

A Peruvian court has ruled in favor of the release of Monosonego, who was arrested and jailed in Peru two years ago on charges of drug smuggling.

She has been under house arrest for the past year. In the wake of the ruling, she will be able to return to Israel.

Since taking office, Lapid has been dealing personally with the sensitive issue. He said on Wednesday, "In my first week in office, I appointed a special team to deal with Hodaya’s release and worked closely with them. We will not celebrate before we see her land in the country, but we are already allowed to rejoice a little. For me, protecting and caring for young people with special needs is part of my life mission."

Hodaya’s family members followed her condition with concern. Tehila, her sister, told Reshet Bet radio about a year ago about the moments after her sister’s release from prison to house arrest. "So happy, we talked to Hodaya and she's excited. She feels and sounds just fine."

"There is evidence that she is not guilty," the sister claimed. "Fortunately, the court agreed to put her under house arrest. We hope to achieve a pardon for her. She is happy and won’t stop smiling.”