IDF begins administering third dose of COVID-19 vaccine

IDF Medical Corps to administer third dose to medical staff over the age of 30 and IDF servicemen aged 50 and over.

Orli Harari ,

COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 vaccine
Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

The IDF Medical Corps on Monday began administering a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (booster shot) to populations defined by the Ministry of Health as eligible for one: Medical staff over the age of 30 and IDF servicemen aged 50 and over.

The opportunity to be vaccinated will be provided to about 1,300 IDF servicemen who meet the criteria. The relevant IDF servicemen can make an appointment through the Medical Corps' new application.

The vaccine will be given at the regional clinics of the Medical Corps (Haifa Center, Tzrifin Center and Kiryat Hadracha) as well as in designated areas set up for the continuation of the vaccination operation.

The complexes will be operated by a military medical staff that has been trained for this purpose, and in accordance with the clinical protocol of the Ministry of Health and will be given a full logistical envelope by the Technology and Logistics Division.

The IDF’s Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Prof. Alon Glazberg, said, "We will continue to work to ensure the health of IDF servicemen and the operational competence of the army. The IDF is prepared to expand the operation and vaccinate additional populations among the servicemen, should the Ministry of Health instruct to do so."