Trump's niece: He was 'afraid of COVID' but pretended not to care

A book by Trump's estranged niece accuses the former president of unbridled anti-Semitism and homophobia.

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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Former president Donald Trump's niece Mary accused her estranged uncle of putting on a "macho display" when he took off his mask while still infected with COVID-19, calling it "his best Mussolini imitation" in a newly-published release dubbed "The Reckoning."

Mary Trump - a clinical psychologist who previously penned a scathing attack on Trump and took part in Joe Biden's transition team - also accuses her uncle of "unbridled homophobia and anti-Semitism" in the book.

In her first memoire, titled, "Too Much and Never Enough," Mary refers to Donald's father Fred as a "sociopath" and claims to have sought psychological treatment as a result of Trump's elevation to office. “I would be there for weeks, excavating decades-old wounds and trying to figure out why my uncle Donald’s elevation to the White House had so undone me," she writes.

Mary, who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race and hasn't spoken to Donald since 2017, issues a warning ahead of her new book: “From increasing levels of rage and hatred on the one side to increasing levels of helplessness, stress, and despair on the other, we are heading toward an even darker period in our nation’s history.”

Trump received criticism for leaving the hospital early despite allegedly still being sick with Corona last year. He was seen removing his mask while appearing to be struggling for breath. Mary says the president was "afraid" at the moment, referring to the expression of pain on his face as one of "macho invulnerability," reminiscent of of Italy's fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

She says her uncle, "clenched his teeth and jutted out his jaw, just as my grandmother did when she was biting back anger or clamping down on her pain." "In Donald, I saw the latter," attests Mary.