Help a Nine-Year-Old Win His Battle

Moishe, 9, wants to be in yeshivah or outside playing ball with friends. Instead, these things have become distant memories and dreams.

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Tzibur MG

What goes through your mind when you think of nine-year-old boys? I’ll bet it’s yeshivah, ball playing, biking, swimming, fighting, and other childhood stuff. You’re not thinking about doctors, x-rays, hospitals, chemotherapy, and other medical jargon.

Moishe, who’s only nine years old, wishes to be in yeshivah or outside playing ball with neighbors. Instead, these things have become distant memories and wishful thinking.

Moishe lies in his hospital bed day and night as his little heart races in fear and anxiety. He worries about how to survive the day. He worries about his future. He worries about his parents’ financial burden. He worries about whether he will live until his next birthday.

Moishe has a massive tumor which his nine-year-old body is ill-equipped to fight. He’s been through 21 rounds of chemotherapy. In his childish mind, his endless suffering while his friends happily attend school and play outside seems cruel. He wishes his friends would visit more often, but they are frightened to see him in his fragile state.

Moishe heard his parents discuss that they can no longer afford to continue paying for his treatments. If his parents give up, he will be unable to continue fighting this battle on his own. Dying at age nine is a terrifying prospect. He desperately wants an opportunity to grow up and live an ordinary, healthy life.

A fund has been opened to provide Avi with the necessary ammunition to fight for his life. Please help moishe win his battle and receive a new lease on life.