Blame game in Knesset plenum

Shouting and accusations fly in the Knesset meeting forced by the opposition.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Deri vs. Bennett
Deri vs. Bennett
Knesset Channell

The meeting forced by the opposition regarding 'failures of the government' has seen accusations directed from both coalition and opposition, each accusing the other of various shortcomings. The debate comes on the background of the recent budget announced by the government, which includes, among other things, a number of new taxes and a 30 billion ILS investment in the Arab population.

Prime Minister Bennett accused the opposition of hypocrisy, saying that "No one here can preach ethics to me - not about heritage, Judaism, or nationalism. We did in 36 hours what you didn't do in 36 months - pass a budget. You should learn from Rabin's "We are all Jews". Being right-wing isn't about hating the left, it is about loving Israel."

Opposition leader Netanyahu used his times to award 'gold medals for failures' to the coalition: "This government has earned three gold medals for failures - in public health, in fighting Iran, and in ruining the economy with taxes and decrees against farmers." He digressed briefly to speak about Iran, saying "The United States will leak our actions against Iran to the press. That is why I have never once agreed to the United States' demands that there be 'no surprises'. Israel must be independent in this matter, or it has no independence at all."

MK Abbas (UAL) defended the decision to invest in the Arab population, telling the opposition "We just followed your plans, like copy and paste on a computer."

Other MKs took the opportunity to bash the other side as well, with MK Deri (Shas) shouting 'Liar!' at Bennett across the Knesset hall. MK Cassif (Joint List) used his time to attack the ISA, calling it 'A tool of the occupation to extort and radicalize the Arab population."

MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) was removed from the Knesset hall for disturbing the order of the Knesset.