Arson terror: 'We can't lose the North'

Arabs set fire to businesses in industrial area of Hatzor Haglilit. Council head: 'State of Israel is losing the Galilee.'

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Arson terror
Arson terror
Hatzor Haglilit Council

Last night, masked men arrived at the industrial area in Hatzor Haglilit, sawed off one of the gates and threw a Molotov cocktail that caused a large fire and complete destruction in three large businesses in the area.

The head of the Hatzor Haglilit local council, Shimon Suissa, addressed the prime minister and the Minister of Internal Security, saying: "The State of Israel is losing the Galilee. One at a time, businesses, agricultural plots, industrial complexes are being harmed, with no end in sight. I call on the PM and the minister of internal security to address the wave of events as terror in every sense."

Suissa went on to say: "The district commander must bolster forces, place cameras, act on the intelligence level and restore order and security to the Galilee. I saw businesses tonight that have been completely destroyed, huge investments and businesses built up with tender loving care easily destroyed, and it's heartbreaking. The state of Israel must stop ignoring the wave of 'protection' terror running rampant through the Galilee."