Jerusalem approves anti-settlers sign

Breaking the Silence signs accusing settlers of violence allowed by municipality. 'Double standards against half a million people.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The Breaking the Silence signs
The Breaking the Silence signs

A sign defaming the "settlers" hung by the far-left organization "Breaking the Silence" has received the approval of the Jerusalem Municipality's legal counsel.

The organization hung huge signs in Jerusalem that attacked the "settlers" and called on Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Public Security Minister Amar Bar-Lev to stop "settler violence," as they put it,

The signs present quotes from two past ministers against violence from the right, and next to the quotes says: "No settler violence on your watch."

Following a request from a number of organizations, including the "Ad Kan" organization, for a legal opinion from the Jerusalem Municipality regarding the sign, Adv. Danny Libman from the municipality's legal counsel bureau replied that the sign was hung with its approval. "According to the ruling and the Attorney General's position regarding freedom of expression in a democratic state and the municipality's authority regarding the content of ads, it should be permitted."

Meanwhile, the tax authority is demanding the removal of the signs hung on its offices. Gilad Ach, CEO of 'Ad Kan', welcomed the tax authority's request, but expressed resentment at the hanging of the sign in the first place. "Especially since the one behind it, the organization Breaking the Silence, has already been found not to be telling the truth and is mostly funded by foreign countries and foreign organizations that hate Israel."

"The municipality is wrong in this matter, is it possible under the auspices of 'freedom of expression' to publish anything?" he asked. "Where is the line between freedom of expression and defamation of an entire public? In the same place, signs were removed in the past because they hurt the public's feelings, but now the feelings of half a million people are not considered. I call on the municipality to recover and remove the disgraceful sign, if only so that a situation of double standards will not be created,"