Government prepares for Rosh Hashannah trip to Uman

Religious Affairs Minister meets director of Ben Gurion Airport to discuss annual hasidic pilgrimage to Tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Minister Kahana at Ben Gurion Airport
Minister Kahana at Ben Gurion Airport

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana visited Ben Gurion Airport today (Sunday), where he met with the director general of the airport, Shmuel Zakai.

The two discussed the challenges facing the State of Israel and the airport in preparation for the annual trip of Breslov hasidim to Uman, Ukraine this Rosh Hashanah. The Minister instructed the staff of his office to complete the formulation of an outline which would meet the approval of the Coronavirus Cabinet.

"We learned from the mistakes made last year. There will be no place where there is discrimination against a particular sector. The outline that I will present to the cabinet in the coming days will allow as many people as possible to go to Uman while maintaining rules that will allow for health security. I will publish the outline for Uman and the rules for the trip will be simple and clear," Kahana said.