Malfunction at airport causes passengers to be diagnosed as positive

Infection in testing machine cause incorrect results in COVID-19 tests.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

COVID-19 test
COVID-19 test

Nearly 100 people who underwent a COVID-19 test before a flight abroad received an incorrect answer that they are positive for the virus - which caused some of them to cancel their flights, Kan 11 News reported on Thursday.

The cause for the malfunction in the Omega lab "Check2Fly" was an infection in one of the devices inside which the sampling is performed.

The error was discovered after a few hours following inquiries from subjects, who underwent a second test in private laboratories.

After a second test performed by the laboratory, it was discovered that all 96 of the alleged positives were not infected with the virus.

The Check2Fly laboratory said, "Yesterday, a fault was identified that caused a higher-than-expected positive rate. A thorough investigation was conducted that led to the fault being detected and corrected. Within a few hours, the subjects who received a false positive result received a corrected result. The Ministry of Health was updated according to instructions and passengers who missed flights will be reimbursed."