Police close investigations against dozens of Lod rioters

Victims of Arab rioters receive messages from police that the investigations have been closed with no arrests.

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Yehonatan Gottleib ,

Riot in Lod
Riot in Lod
Israel Police

A growing number of victims of the riots which rocked Lod in May have received messages from the police that the investigations into the attacks against them have been closed.

Moshe Phua, who was driving in the city of Lod about two months ago and was attacked by Arabs throwing stones, recently received a "notice of a decision not to continue investigating" the complaint he filed with the police.

Phua filed a complaint with police after being attacked on May 12. The decision to close the investigation file was made on May 25, less than two weeks later. However, the letter informing Phua of the decision arrived only a few days ago.

Phua's case is unusual in that it was closed despite the fact that he had video documentation of the attack, but it is far from the only case to be closed by the police with no arrests.

In another case, the police closed the investigation file against five Arabs who rioted in the city of Lod, threw Molotov cocktails and stones and burned the car of the director of Gaarin Torani, Efrat Noy. Noy's vehicle was hit by stones and Molotov cocktails and she filed a complaint with the police. Five Arab suspects were summoned for questioning, at the end of which the police decided that there was not enough evidence to prosecute them.

During the riots in Lod, Ramla and other cities with mixed Jewish-Arab populations, the police launched an "law and order" operation in which dozens of indictments were filed against Arab rioters. Many investigation files are still ongoing and police anticipate that they will lead to further indictments.

Shai Glick, the director of the B'Tzalmo organization, said that "it is unfortunate and outrageous that there is clear documentation of Arab rioters trying to murder people just because they are Jews, and that does not move the police and the case is closed. Closing the case together with closing dozens of other cases sends a sharp and clear message to the rioters. You won. And you can continue on your way and even hurt people again - just remember not to get caught. I call on the Minister of Internal Security to declare a policy of zero closure of cases and the enforcement of justice with each and every offender."

The Israel Police stated: "The Israel Police conducts complex investigative, intelligence and criminal identification systems in a constant effort to decipher the investigation files of the violent incidents that took place in Lod last May. In view of the importance that the police attach to these investigations, one can learn from dozens of indictments that have been filed so far for offenses of disorderly conduct, violence and unlawful possession of weapons and ammunition. The Israel Police will continue to investigate every incident with the aim of investigating the truth and enforcing the law against the perpetrators."