Lapid's gesture to Bennett

Foreign Minister will agree that Bennett will serve as caretaker prime minister if the budget is not approved and an election is called.

Ben Ariel ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Koby Gideon/GPO

If the government fails to approve a budget within 145 days from the date of the formation of the government, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will agree that Naftali Bennett will serve as the Prime Minister of the interim government that will be formed, Channel 13 News reported on Thursday.

If a budget is not approved for 2023, Lapid does intend to be appointed Prime Minister of the interim government in the event of the dissolution of the Knesset and an election. In such a situation, Bennett will be appointed Interior Minister and Alternate Prime Minister.

Journalist Yossi Verter of Haaretz this week estimated that the Bennett-Lapid coalition is more stable than it appears.

"The fruitful cooperation between the Likud and the Joint List - which culminated in happy cheers and united voices - will now make it easier for Bennett to reach future agreements with [Ahmed] Tibi and [Aymah] Odeh. For example, on the budget law," wrote Verter.