Herzog visits Western Wall, calls for unity among Israelis

President-elect who will officially take office on Wednesday: I hope to do everything to make a significant contribution to our unity.

Hezki Baruch ,

Isaac Herzog at the Western Wall
Isaac Herzog at the Western Wall

President-elect Isaac Herzog on Tuesday evening arrived with his wife, Michal Herzog, at the Western Wall plaza, less than 24 hours before his official inauguration.

"Here in this holy place, where in less than two weeks, we will mark Tisha B'Av, the destruction of the Holy Temple, a place that teaches us the lesson of Israel's independence, sovereignty, image, grief and pain, and disaster. Here, from this place, there is nothing more appropriate than to call for unity among our people, true love for Israel," Herzog said.

He added, "I intend to devote all my energy to this. I am aware of the tensions and pain and great sorrow that reflects the mood of our people. I hope in every way and by every means, that I can exercise my authority and status as the 11th President of Israel, to make every contribution to our unity, a significant contribution to calming the spirits and strengthening the vision of the love of Israel. It is certainly possible."

Herzog concluded with the verse, "God will give strength to His people, God will bless His people with peace."