Lebanese report: Renewed fighting with Gaza 'closer than ever'

Egypt requesting Hamas hold off on next clash with Israel - until next week, report says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar

Lebanon's Al Akhbar newspaper, which is connected with the Hezbollah terror group, on Monday reported that the Gaza terror groups warned the Egyptian negotiators that renewed fighting with Israel is closer than ever.

Hamas sources spoke with the paper, revealing that Egypt had requested that the terror groups refrain from escalating the situation before the end of the week, in order to allow time to receive the Israeli delegation's response, which is expected in Cairo in the middle of this week.

The delegation will present the stance of the new Israeli government with regards to all issues pertaining to Gaza and potential prisoner swaps, Israel Hayom added.

In addition, Egypt has told Hamas that as part of their efforts to preserve quiet, on Sunday night discussions were held with senior Israeli government officials, and that there were "positive signs" hinting to the possibility of a major breakthrough in negotiations.

According to the report, Egypt was told that on Sunday evening, a long discussion was held by the Israeli government on the issue of prisoner swaps and other Gaza-related issues.