Anti-Semitism in the UK: 'I'll slit your throat for Palestine'

Watch: Jewish passenger threatened twice in back-to-back anti-Semitic incidents in London.

David Rosenberg ,

London (archive)
London (archive)
Nati Shohat/FLASH90

A British Jewish man was threatened with violence twice in less than an hour while traveling on public transportation in London Saturday night.

In two separate incidents, the man, “who is visibly Jewish,” according to his brother, Shlomie Liberow, was singled out for anti-Semitic harassment and violent threats around midnight Saturday.

In the first incident, Liberow wrote, his brother was riding on a bus towards Oxford Circus at approximately 11:30 p.m. Saturday night when a fellow passenger threatened to murder him, saying he would “shank” him, “slit his throat for Palestine,” and “beat the s*** out of you.”

The man who made the threats also made a number of vulgar comment, calling the Jewish man a “f***ing scumbag”, and “f***ing Jewish.”

When the abuser stepped off the bus, he banged his hands on the doors while shouting “Free Palestine” and continuing to hurl vulgar insults.

Less than an hour later, when the Jewish man stepped off the bus at Oxford Circus, he was again targeted for anti-Semitic abuse while riding down an escalator.

One other man riding the escalator shouted “f***ing hate [sic] the Jews”, while another said “we’ve got a Jew behind us.”

Portions of both incidents were filmed and uploaded to social media.

The victim’s brother lamented that in London “Walking in the street or using public transport when visibly Jewish, such as by wearing a kippah, is likely to invite abuse.”

“This happens all the time to friends and is rather normal but seems to have increased in recent times. The issue is historic police inaction means it's often unreported,” Liberow told The Daily Mail.