Stand up to Critical Race Theory

Didn't the US fight a Civil War just 156 years ago to debunk this garbage? What happened to 'all men are created equal? Op-ed.

Alan Bergstein ,

Black university students (illustrative)
Black university students (illustrative)

Make no mistake about it, the new Critical Race Theory (CRT) rolled out by the Revolutionary Democrats, is totally destructive to the United States of America. And it has taken over our educational system with frightening speed, indoctrinating our future generations to believe that the color of one's skin determines whether that individual is a racist. Black is good...white is bad.

Sounds crazy? It is. But so were Adolph Hitler's theories about the superiority of his Aryan Germanic people, that they were superior to all other races. And where did that get us? This new CRT lunacy could lead us in that same direction... Disaster.

And we'd better get hold of it now, defeat it, bury it and save our future. This is a dangerous and divisive ideology, one that assigns moral value to people on the basis of their skin color. But look where we are. This is now an officially state sanctioned crackpot theory. Didn't we fight a Civil War just 156 years ago to debunk this garbage?

This Marxist race-based ideology that claims the United States is basically racist flies in the face of Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision of a color blind America in which all citizens are "not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Our Leftist elected leaders and their zombie-like school teacher unions have now infiltrated lunacy wholesale into our schools, brainwashing a generation of our children to believe their "whiteness" is a sign of evil. A New York Times Magazine article introduced us to the "1619 Project" that falsely claims the United States was founded on racism and owes its current success to those slaves who arrived in this land in that year. In addition, they drumbeat that our founding fathers, being of white skin color, were all racists.

This "1619 Project" crap must be factually confronted and defeated. Barack Obama, who ironically, was willingly and successfully indoctrinated for 20+ years in Rev. Wright's church of hate, claimed, "racism is part of our DNA." Without a doubt, he was referring to himself, not those who gave their lives to erase slavery and those who fought and died in subsequent wars to maintain the freedom of all Americans.

The most basic of all American values is "equality," but the hawkers of CRT want to replace that with "equity." Equality means giving all Americans equal opportunity under the law to achieve success based on merit, hard work, accomplishment and determination. Equity, bull-horned by Progressive Marxists, separates Americans into racial groups ensuring equal results for all, using racial engineering, government discrimination and coercion to achieve success.

Look how well school busing and affirmative action worked for black kids. They failed because CRT cripples black progress by demonizing hard work, planning ahead, accumulating savings, being on time and studying, as examples of "whiteness." This type of indoctrination encourages a perpetual cycle of failure, despair, dependency and resentment that leads to poverty, criminality and puts a red light to increased black ascendancy and success in our nation.

We see the fury and eloquence of many of our nation's parents, both black and white, at school board meetings, as they show their anger at Critical Race Theory being taught to their kids by radically motivated teacher union members. They understand that part of the methodology of the Left is to destroy the family and have the government oversee their kids' upbringing and control their thought processes.

We must stand up to the forces of evil that now seem to have emerged from the depths to enmesh our nation, to destroy it. We must start to stand up, to speak up, to wrest control of the government from them in the next election. And that's the job of everyone, including you.