PM Naftali Bennett: 'We're in a race against time - go get vaccinated'

PM Bennett urges adolescents to vaccinate against coronavirus: 'It'll protect your health, prevent you from missing out on summer vacation.'

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Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urged adolescents to get their coronavirus vaccines within the next 11 days.

"There are 11 days left," Bennett said. "We're in a race against time - go get vaccinated."

"Dear boys and girls, I am asking you to go, today, and get vaccinated against coronavirus. The vaccine will protect your health, and will prevent you from missing out on all of the fun of summer vacation.

"Look, the new 'Delta' variant of coronavirus is spreading wildly around the world. It's very contagious and it harms people who are not vaccinated - meaning you, the youth.

"There are enough vaccines right now for everyone. But there's a catch: They are set to expire soon, and then there won't be enough available vaccines for everyone. Meaning, there's a short window of 11 days, and we are in a race against time. The last date that you can receive the first vaccine is July 9, and three weeks afterwards you'll receive the second vaccine, and then the vaccines we have in stock will expire."

"Therefore, I call on the parents, and I call on all of the youth who can get vaccinated - go get vaccinated now, before you're no longer able to," he emphasized.

Turning to the youth themselves, Bennett said: "I know how much you want to have fun this summer, and you'll be able to. I also have four children of your age, and they also want to have fun over the summer. We don't want to place any restrictions on anyone - not on parties, not on hikes, not capsules, nothing. But for that to happen, you need to speak with your parents and go get vaccinated, so that we'll have an amazing summer, without lockdowns and without restrictions."

"I'm counting on you," he concluded.