Israeli Arab arrested for Facebook post inciting to violence

Arrest follows detention of prominent imam of Lod mosque, Sheikh Yussuf Al-Baz

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arrest (illustrative)
Arrest (illustrative)

A suspect who was arrested a week ago on charges of incitement to violence and support for terrorist organizations has had his remand extended by a further four days, Kikar Hashabbat reports.

The man in question is 56 years old and a resident of Ar’ava. Police are already preparing his indictment, which will likely make reference to several posts the man placed on his Facebook page, expressing admiration for and support of terrorist organizations and their leaders. In addition, the suspect was present at a protest two weeks ago in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, during which he spoke words of incitement and called out to Muslim, Druze, and Christian police officers and IDF servicemen to leave their jobs, because “soldiers are murdering our people.”

In the wake of these incidents, the suspect was questioned on suspicion that he actively incited to violence and terrorist acts, and that he openly supported terrorist organizations.

Last week, police made another arrest in connection with incitement to violence – the imam of the Lod mosque, Yussuf Al-Baz, who posted a video on his Facebook page showing the immolation of police officers while in their squad car, and a caption, written by the imam, stating, “This is the way to deal with injustice.”