Palestinian Arab leaders sacrifice health for pr -will their fellow travelers react?

Can Physicians for Human Rights, J Street et all stand by while Palestinian Arabs' health is endangered by its leadership? Op-ed.

Dr. Aaron Lerner ,

חיסון נגד קורונה
חיסון נגד קורונה
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One of the very first things the new Bennett Administration implemented was a deal to immediately supply the Palestinian Authority (PA) with over a million Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.

A small portion of the doses had an end June expiration date while the rest are good through the end of July thus providing a window to administer the double dose to over a half a million Palestinian Arabs.

It was a win-win arrangement with Israel trading these doses for supplies Pfizer is slated to supply the PA after the summer.

But when the first shipment was delivered the Palestinian Authority decided to cancel the deal.

Propaganda against the Jewish State is more important to the leadership of the PA than the lives of their people.

This does not surprise me. It is consistent with the behavior of the PA.

The question is how their fellow travelers react to this development.

Someone from Physicians for Human Rights-Israel took to the airwaves to slam Israel while admitting that he was clueless about the details of the expiration dates of the doses.

Will B'Tselem join the chorus?

How about J Street?

Are these groups really on the side of the Palestinian Arabs themselves?


They are on the side of the Palestinian Authority rulers, not the Palestinian Arabs.

Because if they were truly on the side of the Palestinians they would be slamming the Palestinian rulers for sacrificing the health of Palestinian Arabs for the sake of their ongoing propaganda campaign against the Jewish State.

Dr. Aaron Lerner heads IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis: