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Music, business, and inventiveness - Noam Sela spills it all

Israeli artist and influencer Noam Sela has had an interesting life so far that has allowed him to earn money doing the things he most enjoy

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Music (illustration)
Music (illustration)

Israeli artist and influencer Noam Sela has had an interesting life so far that has allowed him to earn money doing the things he most enjoys. He has done this by grabbing opportunities as they arise, and luckily, these have all been in the sphere of his interests. Interestingly, through the pursuit of his music career, he met his lovely wife, a 2017 World Latin Dance Champion.

Today, Noam Sela is a TikTok celebrity, thanks to his talent to imitate almost anyone and the urging of his daughter. He tells us a bit more about his life; and the role music, business, and inventiveness have played.

For the love of music

What many who follow Noam Sela on TikTok don’t know is that the comedian and musician was a member of a popular rock band 20 years ago. His love for music started at a young age, and he studied music at the Alon School of Arts while in high school. A musical career was the natural path for him to follow as soon as he completed his national army service.

At the time, he and his band traveled around Israel, giving performances three times a week. Their songs were popular and were aired on local radio stations. It was while attending one of his concerts, that his wife first laid eyes on him, falling hopelessly in love.

In Israel, it is hard to earn a living as a musician, and that was when Noam Sela knew he had to turn to another interest, computers. This was the best way to offer his wife and their future family a better life.

Noam Sela has drawn inspiration from some of the world’s music greats, including Pink Floyd, a band not very popular in Israel because of their controversial stance. His interest in alternative rock has never died, and he believes in delivering genuine and authentic sounds that deliver a message to their audience.

Developing a business

Starting a business was the next step for Sela, something he did immediately after completing his degree in computer science. He concentrated his efforts on developing his startup, and after a few years, had it running smoothly and turning a profit.

“Since I got the company on its feet, I felt it was time to start giving myself more free time to do the things I enjoy,” says Noam Sela. These include coaching swimming, making music, and dancing salsa (at least twice a week).

He continues, “I have always liked social media and I now have more time to spend on it. But it's thanks to my daughter that I learned about TikTok and how it works. It wasn’t long before I was making short, humorous entertainment videos that got me noticed.”

Initially, Sela was skeptical about being on TikTok, but since going viral, he feels his passion for music and entertainment was reignited. Meanwhile, Noam Sela has been working on his music again. This time he is collaborating with Idan Belinsky, the music producer. Since the beginning of 2021, they have already dropped two singles, but will soon be releasing a studio album. Just like their partnership with Dean Miroshnikov, the famous Israeli actor, for their single “Win It All”, they promise some more interesting collaborations for the future.

It’s all about inventiveness

Inventiveness and creativity have played a huge role in Noam Sela’s life so far. He has proven that everybody with a dream can pursue it, no matter their age. The list of his followers on social media channels is growing, and he stresses: “I dream of appearing on national TV and radio with my impressions.”

As the son of an Israeli war hero, his father has received medals for bravery in the 6 Day War, Sela admires people with integrity that dare to follow their passions. He appreciates and never tires of watching the world’s greatest comedians; laughter, he maintains, is what can get us through the most difficult times. He also admires Israeli musicians that have managed to surpass the boundaries of their country, reaching out to international audiences.

Noam Sela strongly believes that inventiveness requires a free market where governments have as small an impact as possible on people’s lives. “Fewer taxes and more freedom, even allowing people to marry whom they please, is what allows people to reach their full potential,” he says.