The Yamina-Yesh Atid coalition agreement

Yesh Atid Yamina reach seperate agreement from agreement between Yesh Atid and other parties.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett,
Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett,

The coalition agreements will be signed between the Yamina and Yesh Atid parties, and between the Yesh Atid party and the rest of the coalition. The Yamina party has not entered into an agreement with any other party, it was revealed Monday evening.

The coalition agreement between Yamina and Yesh Atid will constitute an "umbrella agreement" that will bind all coalition factions, and will be attached as an appendix to all the agreements. The agreements signed between Yesh Atid and the various parties will bind the signing parties.

The addition of more factions to the coalition after the formation of the government will be done with the consent of the prime minister and the alternate prime minister.

Basic Law: The Knesset - will be amended so that the Norwegian law will be expanded to a level determined by the size of each party, ie: in a faction of 6 MKs, 3 of them can resign, in a faction of 7-9 MKs, 4 of them can resign and in a faction of 9 or more MKs, 5 of them can resign. The law will apply to ministers and deputy ministers.

Issues will be discussed in the government plenum and in the ministerial committees, the raising of which will be determined by agreement of the current prime minister and the alternate prime minister, with both having a mutual veto.

The voting power in the government plenum and in the ministerial committees will be equal between the two blocs.

Each prime minister will have ministerial responsibility for his or her bloc ministers.

The Ministerial Committee for National Security (Political-Security Cabinet) will have 12 members who will be divided equally between the two blocs. The incumbent prime minister will determine the order of the discussion and its topics.