Jewish UK actor Stephen Fry praises essay calling Israel an embarrassment

Essay compares Israel to "a Jew that embarrasses other Jews."

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England - Union Jack
England - Union Jack

British actor and comedian Stephen Fry on Thursday tweeted praise for a “wonderful piece of writing” he labelled “quite brilliant” which attacked Israel, comparing it to a Jew who embarrasses other Jews.

The 63-year old Fry, who is Jewish, commenting on an essay titled "A trip to Hebron," said on Twitter, 'The worst place in the world' – This is quite brilliant, as Benjamin Moser so often is. Aside from being a wonderful piece of writing in itself, it has clarified so much for me.”

The essay by American writer and translator Benjamin Moser is highly critical of Israel, making a multitude of accusations including that “in Hebron, I saw a racial tyranny that was not only not over: it was actively getting worse. I saw ethnic cleansing happening in real time, house by house, block by block.”

Moser also writes, “It’s hard for me to think of the State of Israel as anything but a shanda fir di goyim," which he says means a “a Jew that embarrassed the Jews, and thus justified Gentile persecution and hate.”

Moser stated, “Hebron felt worse to me than anything I’d read about Jim Crow. Worse than apartheid — a word that is now, finally, being applied to Palestine, going on to accuse Israel of refusing to provide COVID-19 vaccines to the Palestinians “under their control.”

He also said, “The ethnic cleansing and racial supremacy are marching forward day by day … until you see it, it’s hard to explain how cruel it is, how perverse, how criminal.”

He concluded his essay by comparing Israel to Apartheid South Africa and encouraging his readers to support the BDS movement.

Fry said in 2014 that he didn’t support Israel “as they are behaving now” but he believed in the Jewish State’s right to exist, reported the Jewish Chronicle.

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