Neo-Nazi group takes photo in front of Boston Holocaust Memorial

Neo-Nazi group's actions called "disgusting and despicable" by ADL New England Regional Director.

Dan Verbin ,

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
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A neo-Nazi group demonstrated in front of Boston’s New England Holocaust Memorial two Sundays ago, an incident the local ADL regional director called “disgusting and despicable.”

Members of the National Socialist Club white supremacist group gathered on May 23 in front of the Holocaust Memorial at Metropolis Corridor Plaza, where they posed holding flags for a photograph uploaded to social media, according to the Boston Herald.

The photo was reposted on Twitter by Robert Tristan, New England regional director for the ADL.

“Disgusting & Despicable to see neo-Nazi National Socialist Club on sacred ground of #NewEngland Holocaust Memorial yesterday,” he tweeted.

Trestan told the Herald, “This is the kind of thing they like to do. They like to be provocative and want to spread hate, anti-Semitism, and they try to incite people."

Trestan added, "They purposefully chose to go to the Holocaust Memorial, a place that is sacred for Boston-area Jews, to basically spread a message that the Holocaust didn’t happen and to send the message that you don’t belong here."

The neo-Nazi group recently spray painted anti-Semitic and racist graffiti in Nashua, New Hampshire saying “Death to Israel” and “Keep New England White.”

“At a time right now when we’re seeing a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic violence against Jews, this is a concern. It’s a concern that it might incite or inspire other people to attack Jews or other groups,” said Trestan.